5 Tips Nigerian bloggers shouldn’t ignore

Today’s rant is rather late. I have the harmattan to thank for that. The weather last night was so good, I enjoyed the natural Air conditioning so much that getting out of bed today was almost impossible. I am grateful for great weather. It beats the nasty winter season in all them foreign countries. My goodness, I love Nigeria.

So I am still on the clarion call for comments on Monday’s post. That is me just trying to assess my performance and strategize for the coming year. So far, who has had a wonderful 2013 year? If I start going into how the year went, I’ll be here forever, so let’s not start. For some time now, I have held back on writing about the mobile world (my second favorite topic in the world), a major part of that stems from lack of inspiration, but today I went into thinking mode, no make that strategizing mode and I began to wonder what we did before mobile phones became an integral aspect of our lives. How did we manage? I guess that is a post that will be coming out at a little later date, for now I want to focus on 5 tips that Nigerian bloggers should never ignore.

If you have read about these tips in any of my previous articles, don’t hesitate to shout out “CHEAT”, but if they are novel and new, then tell a friend about me.

The first tip is this, leverage on the word “Nigeria”. It will take you places. I have always and will continue to write for the Nigerian audience, there’s nothing that comes close to being true to who you are. But my stance is coming off of this. Our big boss, Google is biased to what location you carry out your search from. What I mean is, say you are in Dubai, if you run a search for “where to rent cars”, Google will first tell you were to buy cars in Dubai before it pulls up searches of where to buy cars in London.

In other news, it is easier to get your blog or website to the first page search when you apply the simple step of incorporating the word Nigeria into your keywords and the articles you write. Thank God for Google.

Tip Two, stop the tagging. I bet that goes against everything you have been taught or you know as blog ethics, but stay with me on this. Do you realize that Google frowns at having the same content on multiple pages? Well here is the concept behind tags. For the gazillion tags you put on one page, Google indexes each tag as a fresh page and that reflects negatively on your blog, because it will take your Google page rank down. That’s how Google punishes you. To replace the tagging, you are better off using the All-in-one Pack SEO plugin. Then again that is a solution for Self hosted WordPress blogs. If you are on Blogger, I don’t have an alternative for you…sorry.

Tip Three, your permalink should reflect your categories: First off, you should have a number of keywords that describe what your blog is about. Next, most or all of those keywords should be made categories and lastly, let it reflect in your permalinks. In a library, there are sections and sub sections that make it easy for you to find the exact book you are looking for. Think of the Search engines that way. If your permalink contains one of your main keywords, it makes it easier to find you. It also gives it a prettier look. Let me illustrate.

5 tips

Notice how the very first link circled in red looks? No further description for whoever did that search. The second circled portion is way more descriptive.

More often than not, when anyone types in the phrase blogging tips and they are within the Nigerian airspace, my blog is going to pop up. Notice how the phrase “blogging tips” is in my permalink? I could tell you how to tweak your permalinks, but that is a trade secret. You know where to find me if you need more information. I can be selfish too. There is love in sharing, but if I share too much, the Lord knows I’ll remain BROKE!

Tip Four, each page on your blog should have a title and meta description: Still on the gospel of the All-in-One Pack SEO. It can help you with that, but I won’t go into details with that. And for the final tip.

Tip Five: You know the final one always has to do with me making a lot of noise about myself, so Nigerian bloggers should never ever ignore this blog. Come here every single day, because I dishing out quality of information. Now won’t you say I am generous?

All I have shared with you here today are some of the steps I implemented that took my blog from an unknown journal to what it is today. At least I think it is really really something and it beats my mind.

Till the next rant, be good! I am still @toperants. Twitter is the place, give me a mention.

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