Can your blog post “title” stand out like this Pink Outfit?

I was sitting in the bus chilling for the strangers that would ginger the bus driver to get out of the bus park with their hard earned cash. I guess I was so impatient, uptight and really agitated. And if that wasn’t enough, I was really trying my best to stay awake. Today is the 5th time I’m going to be late this week and since today is Friday, what does that tell you.

Before you start judging, you need to understand that all the clocks in my home are at conflict with one another. When my eyes popped one, my body clock said 4am; my wall clock read 7:30, while my head clock was one hour behind. I went for the first option, got an extra 30 minutes, but the ultimate clock, GRANDPA came and snapped me out of blissful sleep.

 So back to reality, I couldn’t sleep in the bus, because I would miss my bus stop and frankly I didn’t have enough cash to afford a mistake. 20 minutes went by and the passengers were loading up in trickles. I put my head down for a second and then I heard it. First it was a little giggle. I figured it was some silly teenage girl caught up with herself, and then I heard a manly laugh and two more. Okay now curiosity was killing this cat. I lifted my head to see who the comedian was. I looked and saw this

Hey I wasn’t the only one taking pictures of the pink man. Heck the whole bus was intrigued. If that guy was a blog, I am certain that he would have had a couple of thousand hits. He had everyone’s attention. It also got me thinking, about blogging. Most of the questions I get asked a lot of times is how to get your target market’s attentions. There are a lot of things at stake, but one determining factor is the name or title you give your blog post. Your title is what evokes your audience to click on your article or write up.

Here are 4 tips I have discovered that will go a long way in capturing the attention of your audience just like this pink outfit guy got mine.

Tip 1: Develop the art of writing “How To” articles. A large portion of the searches done on the internet is information search. Heck I have even a search on how to make pancakes. “How To” articles presents you as the expert. Here are a couple of “How to” titles you can develop

  • How to be a university rockstar in your first year
  • How to blog like Linda Ikeji
  • How to be a great wife/husband
  • How to stay successfully married to a Nigerian man (This blog post got me about 575 hits in one single day…at the time, that was a huge success for me)

When your titles begin with “How to”, your audience is automatically drawn and it is because, no one knows it all. A lot of times we are very unaware of that innate character in all of us to know more. No wonder the school business are still thriving in grim times when a lot of economies are failing.

Tip 2: Make use of words that help your audience connect with past experiences or situations. They should be able to attribute your words to pictures stored in their memory. A while back, I stumbled on this title and I was intrigued because I remembered the movie “Murder she wrote”

“21 Killer ways to spread your influence online”

Notice the use of the word killer. There was a murder in the movie that wasn’t revealed until the end. Also notice the blogger combined that with my interest…online traffic. Tell me what can stop me from clicking on that article?

The lesson here is while making use of such bold words; do not forget to connect them with words or jargons that are specific to your niche.

Tip 3: Everybody has a list and it ranges from a to-do list up till the list of qualities you expect in your spouse, kids or friends. So when you write list like blog posts, everyone can relate. Secondly, if you are in the Generation Y bracket, then your attention span will be just as short as mine. List-like articles allows folks like me know just how much time we will be investing in reading your blog posts. Examples of List-like articles are:

  1. 3 Things you ought to know about Lagos
  2. Top 10 things made by man
  3. Bottom 10 things made by man

Tip 4: Last but not least, be controversial. In other words take an angle on a topic, just be sure your stand is backed with a solid argument, at the same time, be sure not to tilt towards the wrong side. Also try as much as possible to keep your titles short. Avoid excessive words. Get to the point and you will always have the attention of your audience. A strategy for short titles is the art of asking question. Frame your title in the form of question and you are bound to pick your audience interest. And just in case you are wondering how to put it into practice, do this…surf Google for time tested icons in your niche, copy them and personalize (taking it from your point of view and in your own words) until you hone your skills and then the sky will be your limit….at least in the area of blogging.

Alright, my bus is approaching my bus stop and I am not ready to have some pick pocket snatch my blogging machine. So I have to end right here. Have a nice day at work and hit me up with your comments. Where my tips helpful or not, you can also tell me if they don’t cut the dice. I am open to learning.

 Ciao folks, I’ve got to zap because the Ranter has got to earn some cash! runs on
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