The Super Eagles…they blog as well?

Super-Eagles-winIf you are as lazy as I am or if you’ve put so much faith in our very unique president, then you would have expected a public holiday on Monday. Hell, why not? Didn’t our very own Super Eagles carry the cup home? Since I wasn’t expecting any less from our fabulous president, I did a thorough search on the internet. At the same time, I had my ears glued to the radio. Alas my hope was crushed and my beauty sleep interrupted. Long story short, I decided to declare Monday a “no blogging day” in honor of the Super Eagles. If you like disagree, but we both know everyone was rooting for them to fail. Talk about shutting the critics’ mouth.

So I am guessing the title shocked you a bit. As I always state before I go on with my yapping, this is solely an opinionated blogger who feels that the sport played by the Super Eagles has some principles that are similar to the blogging field. I will just outline one.

There is the saying that practice makes perfect and yes I am well aware that the super Eagles team that was put together was just 5weeks old, but what made the difference is practice. I am certain that right now, all our players would be thankful for the many hours of practice put into getting ready for the African Nation’s cup. Their effort was rewarded.

Don’t think blogging is any different. If you want to reach the zenith of blogging, then you had better put on your practice gear. Whether you chose to do just writing or video blogging or both, there are techniques and strategies involved. But knowing how to write or create media materials is not the end of the package. If you notice, the team needs the striker, the defender and all the other ones that I don’t know to master their part. Everyone has a role to play. Once the defender fails to play his part, our opponent will have series of goals going into our net.

The same is applicable in blogging. After the writing, some knowledge of Search Engine optimization is needed. You may have great content, but what good is it if no one can see and appreciate it? Learning how to optimized keywords in your posts and videos is extremely important…and you though Linda Ikeji’s blog just happened. Chances are she has some knowledge of these things and you should as well.

Hone your blogging skills and you’ll get paid for it. I can just image all the contracts the Super Eagle players are going to get after such great performance. I can see new club sign ups and what not. The same goes for you, your talent won’t go unnoticed, and eventually you will get paid for your skill set. If you don’t believe me, then a good look at Omojuwa, who even I don’t like, but I got to respect because he knows his stuff.

So when I say the Super Eagles blog, I ain’t talking rubbish. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday folks.

P.S: My search for N10 million is still on. Your contribution will be appreciated. And if you can’t contribute in monetary terms, commentary will do. Let’s hear what you have to say…comments please.

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