Top 3 Reasons why the average Nigerian blogger MUST invest in their education

education-investment_250x250There is an explanation for this…the silence I mean, okay I know I always have an answer or rather an excuse for everything that goes wrong, but I am serious right now. Okay, last week as I was preparing to write down a few tricks and lessons I discovered, I got a mail notification. It read… “You are FIRED!” Fired? WHAT??? What did I do wrong this time? I was not only shocked and terrified, but those words I just read had my mind racing in different directions. It took about 4 hours for me to get my composure back because I was totally freaked out. I was calling for help from anyone and everyone I could think of. But wait, I am going off course. I’ll get back to that story in a bit, let’s me quickly share with a couple of lessons I learnt over the weekend.

For some time, I have being trying to clearly communicate to you all the three most crucial components that are essential for success in the blogging arena. They are:

  1. Consistently Generating Great Content
  2. Driving tons of traffic to it
  3. Monetization.

A lot of times, the average blogger either gets number 1 right or number 1 & 2. Rarely do you see anyone being able to manage all three and this can be very frustrating and annoying. I literally banged my head against the wall to be able to get to the last number. I will tell you this; blog monetization is the single most important ingredient takes you from the struggling side of the fence to the NOT struggling side of the fence. I know for a fact that the successful bloggers out here most likely won’t tell you what you need to do to get past this hurdle. Today I am going to cut the crap and tell you what it is. It is investing in your education. Yes it is that simple. And yes by investing, I mean giving money in exchange for information that you don’t know or that might take you a gazillion years to find out. It involves buying blogging courses and trainings materials, paying to attend workshops and live events that are being held for the blogging community.

Let me give you a simple illustration. Have you ever wondered why most of Nigeria’s work force constantly chases after a masters degree or a PhD or some of the certified courses out there? It is because they want to make more money. It is because they want to increase their value in the market place. Let’s face it guys, the market will never pay you what you think you are worth. It will only pay for the value you bring to it. Success never ever happens by accident, okay maybe it happens when you win the lottery. Guys, success is a deliberate effort and this universal law of nature works both inside and outside the blogging sphere. I cannot overemphasize the need to invest in your education and here are my top 3 reasons why.

  1. Leverage on the knowledge of others: When you invest in your blogging education, you get to know what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided. You get to leverage on their knowledge and get results faster than you would have if you were trying to do it on your own. You get to understand the process of steps that you take. Why this will work and why that won’t.
  2. Takes you to the next Level: In terms of creativity and the value you have to offer, when you invest in your education, it opens up your mind to value that you will be willing to offer your target audience. At this point, your audience will be willing to exchange their hard earned cash for what you know so that they can have the results that you have. This is what brings in the cash.
  3. You become a Leader:  When you get to the point where people will do anything and everything to sit under your tutelage, guess what you have become a leader. You have influence over the community that is drawn to you like a magnet. When you get here, you might forget all about me. Don’t you even dare, because I’ll come after you…

And that is the end of my story. Oh snap! I forgot to tell you why I was fired. Awwww and I can’t do it now because this write up is already to long. If you pop in tomorrow, I’ll tell you all about it. In the meantime folks, let’s hear your thoughts. I personally answer my tweets, it isn’t automated, so hit me up there. I am @toperants.

Ps: I am writing this and falling asleep as the same time so if you see any typos, feel free to make fun of me.

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