Toperants’s Blogging Tips…empty ramblings or Value packed?

We have finally entered Christmas season, oh wait we are already 16 days into it. Oh well this numbskull takes a while to realize things. So who has got plans for the holidays? I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. Okay, so my 90 days challenge had a few hiccups. I actually went through another bout of writers block, then decided to give myself some self-talk. It looks like it did the trick. I am hoping today will be better than the rest.

At least you know I am human and trying to tweak my work ethics till I find what works for me. I decided to try and post 3 times a week, instead of the 5 times. That way I can have some time to critically think through the topics I intend to address. Today is reflection day. I’ll tell you about it in a minute.

Some of you are going to hate me for this, but cut me some slack, I am still crowd shy, and that’s why I didn’t make the announcement on my blog. So I had a blog seminar on Saturday where I addressed (to the best of my ability) 3 major challenges bloggers have. I think I did a pretty good job…yeah yeah, I can be over confident. Hope it doesn’t bite me in the butt someday. Right after that I had an evaluation session with my team as to how the preparation up till the actual seminar went and we had to rate it. Half way into the session, the topic on giving out value came up and that got me right at the jugular.

For a while now, I have been going for internet marketing seminars, blogging seminars and signing up for social media courses. And I have come to realize a trend that irks the living day lights out of me. In some of these seminars, I have been promised to leave with the secret in my hands. I have been promised that I will be shown the goldmine and the knowledge on how to cash in big on the internet will be my secret to keep. Some have delivered on their promises and thanks to them, I know a thing or two, but a great deal keep selling me a picture that fails to become a reality. They show me the mark and when I finally reach it, they move it further down. How frustrating can that be? While in this frame of mind, I began thinking about you guys and I had to ask myself this question…

Do I give you value? Do I deliver on my promise to give you blogging tips that help make your blogging career less cumbersome? Are the tips fake or do they genuinely give results. I think I have developed myself to a point where I can take creative criticism. So hit me with it, no matter how hard.

That’s not all. I claim to love the world of mobile and even though I haven’t blogged about it in a while, what’s your take on my previous rants when it comes to the mobile industry.

I believe a lot in dialogue and discuss, a trait that might irritate one too many friends, but it has helped shape the kind of person I am today, so your thoughts are like so needed right now. Let’s hear your thoughts before I die of anxiety.

Hey WAIT! It is the season to be jolly. So make someone’s day with a few kind words. Not me oh, I want the HARD truth.

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