The battle of the Phones


Good morning! I am supposed to be getting ready for work, but I don’t trust myself to actually post this when I get to the office, so I might as well do it right now.

I promise you, I had a post planned. I was suppose to dwell on the topic of  “Leads” and “Lead Generation” and how it plays a major role in blogging, but you know how I always wake up late and unfortunately I woke up late…again, so I will have to schedule it for tomorrow. Sorry guys! I am truly trying to clean up my act. Please bear with me. In the meantime, I am going to back to one of the topics I have ignored for a while…the mobile industry.

Truth is I left off talking about it because I currently blog for a mobile site…My first real job ever….that was suppose to be a joke. Prior to that time, I had no idea that Google frowns at posting the exact same content on multiple domains, which I was guilty of but I certainly won’t want them tampering with my rankings, so I am devoting all my energy to focusing on blogging tips here, while the other will contain my mobile ramblings. I dare say I have done a miserable job at both of them.

Last week however I think I came up with my best write up (with regards to the mobile industry oh) ever, or so some people say, so here it goes

Once upon a time, we were a peaceful nation. Nitel ruled and we followed. No questions asked. It was a case of “what you see is what you get” and if you objected, you were sentenced to a life of no communication. And that was the order of the day. Then in the year 2001, there was an uproar. Some citizens decided the current monarch wasn’t doing a good job. Econet was a product of the uprising. A couple of years after its launch of commercial GSM services in 2001…continue

Some thoughts

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    its actually ur best post (i ever read) ever…i love it
    Tecno is trully a sharp guy, but for how long? i dunno,cos if they continue with their campaign of lilttle changes in the next model of phone..they might be knocked off. (its kinda annoying)

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