Tales of love: Curiosity woke this Cat

“No, I won’t marry you”. Yetunde said with a pout face and for a moment, she saw the worried look on Yomi’s face, then she added “of course I will” but I need to be clear on some things. I don’t want to go into a marriage where it will be a tug of war between me and your mum. So you need to lay some ground rules. Without that, I won’t marry you and I mean it.

Yetunde hadn’t seen this side of Yomi in a while and she admitted to herself, it was fun watching him so not composed. He was excited and was ready to agree to anything she said. He gave her his word that his mum would have no say in their relationship moving forward. As they were enjoying the moment. Yomi phone beeps. He looked uneasy, then asked for permission to receive the call elsewhere. He was gone for about five minutes. A thought came to Yetunde’s mind (hmm mummy`s boy being called again, but she shrugged it off, her Yomi was the loyal type. He only had issues with his mum. Maybe she was the one calling, no need to get worked up, as she saw him walking towards her, she had an impulse to ask him who called, but then she remembered her mother’s word “don’t poke your nose into his business. All you should be concerned with is getting the ring.” Yomi announced it was time to go and she bid him farewell, but she couldn’t get the mysterious phone call off her mind. Since he returned this was about the fifth time that something like this had happened.

The next day, she decided to confide in her best friends, Ayo and Ella. She told them about the proposal and they were all over her. Ella didn’t seem as excited as Ayo, but what the heck, it was her special day, so it didn’t bother her one bit. After the initial excitement had died down, Yetunde brought up the fact that he received a phone call and it was disturbing her. She told them she suspected it was his mum, and she probably didn’t take the news of the proposal too well. She also told them Yomi had assured her that his mum was out of their relationship. Ayo was the first to speak, “well if that is your suspicion, you better confront him. Let him know what’s up before it is too late. Besides it always better to be upfront with whatever is bothering you in relationships”. Ella on the on the other hand of was of the opinion that it is better to let sleeping dogs lie, because they were just moving away from a rocky patch. Yetunde assured them that she will think it through before acting, but for right now, she needed to go prepare for the event she was organizing at Ikoyi the next day. It was the biggest contract she had ever been awarded since she went into events planning. Even though it was going to steal her Saturday alone with Yomi (he wanted to spend the whole day with her), she couldn’t pass up this opportunity. She said her goodbyes to the girls and left.

The next day was a lot tougher than she had imagined and her day was about to get worse. The occasion was a birthday party. Yetunde was excited, because this contract was her first big break and she wasn’t about to mess it up. As the event planner, her attention was needed at all times. It was tiring, but she was glad. It was almost 8:30pm and the party was winding down. She could not wait. Her mind drifted to Yomi, her finance. She laughed. This title for Yomi felt just right. She decided to walk towards the lobby, so she could chill in Keeba’s Lounge for a few seconds. As she settled down, she thought she saw Yomi down the corner with a lady on his arm. First fear hit her, then curiosity, should I go find out or should I stay put. The first option seemed just right. She pushed her body forward and went in that direction. As she drew closer her, she felt her eyes were playing tricks. There was Yomi and Ella, necking in each other arms. She launched at her and…

To be continued. Thanks for reading folks. Let’s hope I’ll come up with some more of this before Christmas approaches. Ciao!

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