5 guilty pleasures that gave birth to the Social Media Generation in Nigeria

Writing is my forte and even though I promised to do a Vlog every Thursday, stepping out of my comfort zone is a bit challenging, so you all need to give me room today. Last week was pretty amazing, because I got some new material that’s going to take my knowledge of app development to another level. Shout out to all the folks that have downloaded my apps. I really appreciate you “plenty much”. But Nigeria has more than a hundred million people. A few thousand downloads isn’t enough, so tell your friends please. At the end of this article, I will give you links to all the apps I have developed.

Okay, let’s get down to business. I believe that the social media generation is the generation that relies on social media for everything. I mean it, do you know that I rely solely on my expertise in social media to sustain me, expand my network and also educate me on current trends, even though I have a B.A in English Language. On Saturday, I wrote down 5 guilty pleasure or habits that gave birth to the Social Media generation in Nigeria. Here it goes.

Hi5 and Facebook addiction: I remember when the hi5 bug swept across Nigeria. At the time the fun was in uploading pictures and having a zillion friends on your buddy list that you knew you may never meet. And suddenly we realized that even though popularity wasn’t something we could gain in the real world, the virtual world was giving us that room, so screw reality. By default or design, Facebook had better persuading skills and they got all of us to convert and move over. To a lot of serious minded parents and individuals, it seemed like a bunch of wasted effort and time that my generation was putting into getting a large network, uploading pictures, connecting with friends and so on. What good could come out of this?

Mobile Chat Messengers: Blackberry was another addiction. I went all out to get a blackberry just because I wanted to ping. We have Barrack Obama to thank for this rave. At the time, internet browsing services offered by all the various providers had to be done on a laptop or a desktop computer. The providers that offered the mobile internet services had outrageous prices and the list of negative side effects was endless. Blackberry or should I say RIM, had the secret. And for about N5,000, you could surf the internet for a whole month as well as chat on this app called a Blackberry messenger. Another BAD habit or so it was termed by those above us. I know countless of times I walked on the street starring at my screen oblivious to the world around. As far as I was concerned my world started and ended in that small contraption. Once again my generation discovered the points you could score being constantly on the BB platform.

Twitter: I’d also like to believe that twitter is another guilty pleasure that increased social media awareness in my generation, but I won’t go any further without crediting mobile application. Twitter took Nigeria by storm and this is because of the mobile app version. In my opinion, Twitter took one major feature from Facebook. Status updates and suddenly everyone wanted to tell the world what was going on with them. Seems like a total waste of time to some, but let’s wait to get to the end of this debate.

Games: Now I am talking about video games, computer games and mobile games of course. I have seen kids…ok they are adults now that could go for hours without food, just because they need to pass a certain level of the game. I have no clue as to when games became really huge, but it was a trend that seemed like a dead end for parents and teachers who had invested so much in the education of kids that were addicted to these guilty pleasures.

Creativity: If you noticed the trail I took, I kept stressing the fact that all the guilty pleasures took a considerable amount of time and effort and it looked like a total waste. From this point on, I want to give kudos to my generation. Creativity is the last piece of the puzzle that enabled this Social Media kids turn all their guilty pleasures to marketing tools. So many young and innovative minds in Nigeria have used all these guilty pleasure to expose their brands and services. Talk about the rise of the Nigerian entertainment industry or the raise of Nigerian online retail shops, Online Advertising agencies, online traffic report stations, informative Youtube channels about Nigeria and the list keeps on growing. Thank goodness we were able to put to good use the guilty pleasure we pick up along the way.

But wait oh, when I see my own child picking up a guilty pleasure, do I keep quiet, do I encourage him or discourage him? Will it turn around in the future and sustain him? Will it be a plus or a minus? All these questions, I cannot answer, because the future is unknown. Let’s just hope and pray.

Hey I didn’t forget my promise. The apps are

  1. Linda Ikeji
  2. ToolzO
  3. Toolz Oniru (Should show up in a couple of hours)
  4. Ynaija
  5. Bella

They are all in Google play store. I am hoping to get them into the apple store in a bit. Watch out for my Nigerian Soup app.

One more thing, don’t forget to follow me on twitter. The handle is @toperants.

Till next week, I remain yours truly!

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